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Monday, March 06, 2006

Identical or non identical..??

Identical or non identical?

As this is the question we get asked the most we thought we’d add a little bit on here about this (although this won't become a Biology lesson!)

I think we all know that identical twins come from one egg splitting and non identicals from the fertilisation of two eggs with two sperms.

As we already knew from earlier scans our babies are diamniotic and dichorionic. The amnion and chorion are membranes attached to the placenta – the amnion the inner membrane and the chorion the outer membrane. Both these can give clues to identicalness. We also found out at our ante natal appointment that our babies both have their own placentas – (this makes them the most low risk type of twins for any problems that can often be associated with twins sharing the same placenta and sac.)

Many health care professionals including midwives and doctors will sometimes say “your twins are non identical” due to the presence of two placentas, two sacs etc. However this is not always true. Monochorionic twins are always identical but dichorionic twins (the type we are having) can either be identical or non identical.

So obviously if we have a boy and a girl our twins will definitely be non identical but if we have a same sex pair they could be either non-identical or identical then the only accurate way of finding out if they are identifical or not would be to have a DNA test which can simply be done by sending off a cheek swab. So it’s watch this space (quite literally…)


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