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Monday, March 06, 2006

Our Twin Journey

Hello everyone
2006 is a very exciting year for us… Louisa is to be a big sister and Annette and Jim are going to be mummy and daddy to twins!

We have decided to record some moments on here so that family and friends can share our ‘twin’ journey through pregnancy and to what will hopefully be the safe arrival of our two babies.

The blobs (or beans?) – 8th October 2005

This scan picture was taken at 6 weeks 5 days most definitely revealing the presence of two sacs (the black blobs) inside each sac you can see a very small shaded area measuring only 8mm each … yes its twins!!!
Each baby has their own sac and their own chorionic membrane which makes them diamniotic and dichorionic (but more of this later)… each also has their own yolk sac which feeds the baby until the placenta fully develops.

3rd November 2005
This picture shows the babies at 10 weeks 3 days now measuring 40mm each but already more is visible than the one just 4 weeks earlier.

A close up of twin 1 – definitely had dancing shoes on today and was wriggling around

…and of twin 2 – appeared to be the more chilled out of the two today just moving around a little

12 weeks 3 days
The first ante natal appointment and scan. The babies now look like babies and were bouncing around waving arms and legs everywhere!

Everything went well and not back at the hospital until 11 January 2006 (8 weeks away!).


Anonymous rhys lloyd said...

hiya its me again thanks for sharing that with us :):):):):):)

9:32 AM

Blogger lucy said...

Hi everyone, it's Lucy. It was great seeing Esme and Oscar for the first time on Wednesday. I can't wait for Monday, when we'll be seeing them again! How are you all, being at home for the first time with the babies? I'm sure it will be very strange! Can't wait to see you on Monday, Lots Of Love Lucyxxxx

1:03 PM

Blogger lucy said...

Hello, it's Lucy again. It was great seeing you all yesterday for my 14th Birthday. I hope Esme's feeding a bit better today. Thank you very much for my presents and i hope to be seeing everyone again soon, thank you! Lots Of Love

Lucy xxxxx

2:34 PM


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