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Monday, April 24, 2006

they're here!

Annette woke me at 7am on bank holiday Monday to tell me her waters had broken, a quick check under the duvet and I was awake. We signed in at Wythenshawe at 9am prompt and Annette quickly went into labour. She kept on her feet all day and declined all pain relief until about 14.30 when the babies were really on their way. Our (3rd) midwife, Florence, persuaded her to have gas and air to aid an epidural procedure but a small disagreement between the midwife and anaesthetist about constant monitoring later and Annette said,
" I want to push -hold the epidural!"
Annette was fully dilated by now and although she was holding on to me for England I was instructed to press the call button. The senior midwife joined us and calmly assessed the situation. Annette needed to push so, without the full entourage of medical staff present, delivery started.
At 15:13 (without an epidural) Annette delivered Esme weighing 4lb 4oz. There was a bit of cord tangle but nothing Florence our midwife couldn’t sort. By now the room had filled with people including Doctor Lo who wanted to deliver Oscar. After a brief cuddle with baby Esme and a short rest for Annette Dr Lo scanned her abdomen to find Oscar. He was found to be Breach, not ideal, but not impossible. Dr Lo told us she wanted to break his waters to help get him in the right orientation for birth.
The biblically proportioned flood of water brought Oscars arm down into the birth canal and even with some wrestling from the doctor to correct it he wasn't going to arrive naturally. Like a scene out of E.R. the room went from full to empty in about 30 seconds as they whisked Annette off for an emergency section leaving me stood in a puddle with Esme, a midwife, a paediatrician and a lot of worry. Oscar was delivered by emergency caesarean section at 15:53. He needed a small amount of oxygen but he was fine weighing in slightly heavier at 4lb 15oz.

Annette recovered from the procedure without out any complications and I met Oscar upstairs in SCBU where I was waiting with Esme. Happy in the knowledge that they were both fine I waited in recovery for Annette. Louisa arrived and together we nursed Annette out of the anaesthetic.
Annette didn't see her babies until the following day (Tuesday) by which time she had recovered from the general and was ready to see the babies. We went over to Special Care late afternoon and spent the next few hours getting to know our new arrivals. Both Esme and Oscar had to be tube fed but we were able to cuddle them and leaving them there was difficult for both of us.
Annette has made incredible progress since Monday’s dramatic events and yesterday (Saturday) she had her stitches removed. Oscar came out of special care on Thursday and he is now in Transitional care with his mum. He pulled out his nasal feeding tube yesterday so is now being solely breast fed by Annette instead of alternate breast/tube feeds. Esme continues to have alternate feeds with Annette’s EBM and today she came out of special care for the afternoon and spent the afternoon with us. It was fantastic to have them both together for the first time since they were born and when we placed them together in a cot they quickly became inseparable.
Hopefully Annette and the babies will be home by next week so until then I’ll be making my regular trips to see them.


Watch this space!!


Anonymous Beverley Lavin said...

CONGRATULATIONS to all of you. Please let me know when you are home I would love to come and visit your new family. Good luck to you all. Beverley Lavin

4:29 AM

Anonymous jackie Moores said...

Well done to you both! Annette looks a million dollars!
Babies gorgeous.
Jackie Moores XXX

1:03 AM

Anonymous rhys lloyd said...

hiya annete, jim and louisa congradulations to you all oscar and esme both look so cute ive just shown my mum the pics and she loves them. hope esme comes out of care soon. oh yeah jim nice site.

9:20 AM

Anonymous rhys lloyd said...

hiya me again just shown adam the site and he wishes you all the best and is dying to see the twins(Oscar/Esme) at some point in the very near

12:37 PM

Anonymous Justin, Caroline and Calum said...

Wow! Congratulations to you both and welcome to the world to Esme and Oscar.

We are very happy for you both. We love the photos - the twins are so lovely. And we're looking forward to meeting them soon.

Best wishes from Justin, Caroline and Calum.

2:58 PM

Anonymous Linda Lunn said...

Hi-well done to you!!
Oscar and Esme look so lovely.
All the very best
Linx (urbis)

1:04 AM

Anonymous Ray, Sabina and Georgia said...

Congratulations Annette, Jim and Lousia. The twins look lovely, especially the photo of them all cuddled up together. :)
Hope you're now back at home and managing an hour or two of sleep! We're finding it difficult with just one, so can only imagine what it must be like with two!
Look forward to seeing you all soon.
Take care.

5:31 AM


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